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MMA is an male massage outcall agency in Singapore that caters to high-level discerning people where needs accompany remains privacy and confidential at all times. We have been in this industry for 12 years and have built an excellent  reputation on delivering and being committed to our promises to our clientele. Our male therapist are entertaining as well as professional to cater for your private party or business functions. We have a wide selection of exclusive choices of student to match for your ideal massage accompany, occasion, location and time. Our outcall male massage services only carry out to motel and residence even thru overseas as long as you can make an appt with us and we will arrange for you. We do have a few macho male therapist from difference location. please ensure that what kind of massage services or professional entertainment services that you need for the days..We do offers best  services like tantra massage. Tantra massage helps us to feel connected with yourself on all levels. Having an outcall tantra massage is enjoying massage in a trusted environment where you can relax and sense the benefits of a body massage.
Our massage service helps the body to heal itself, increase health and well-being. Touch is an important part of human contact, and massage is one of the oldest and simplest forms of therapy.our team is trained in a range of tantric massage services, that aids in circulation, relaxed the muscles, and can even provide sensual stimulation.


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Sensual Massage - Outcall Massage - Nude Gay Massage

Sensual massage has been practiced for many centuries by kings, queens and commoners, and in many cultures and lands, from the Aztecs to the Egyptians, from India to China, from Celtics to the Greeks to build profound closeness and warms between lovers. 

Sensual massage is more than massage. It has developed into a venerable art form that invites passion and love, and provides so many benefits for the practitioners and recipients alike, benefits which greatly strengthen the bond they share.

Sensual massage is not the mere kneading and pressing of muscles and joints. It is a total experience that starts playfully, but ends up as something that enhances the union between the partners. Sensual massage is a fusion of environment, preparation and pressure points. It’s as much about how to touch as it is about where to touch. It is something that transcends the physical.

Although a physical therapist could give you an hour-long massage that will cure your joint and muscle pains, sensual massage is something that only a loved one can give.